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Vulcan International Meeting

Below are photos from the meeting of Vulcan #229 of Walnut, Kansas and Vulcan #4382 of Alfreton, England on Sept 11, 2010.
The above photo is all of the brethren in attendance during the meeting. Front row: Wayne Shireman, Kirk Hart, Syd Grotier, WM Trevor Harrison, Michael Hitchcock, Brian Wooley, Don Jones, WM Ken Wheeler, Larry Lindburg, George Jeffers, and Don Taylor. Back: Justin Query, Bill Wheeler, Bruce Jeffers, Don Wheeler, Michael Delange, Ryan Wheeler, Dustin Wheeler, Dick Wheeler, Doc Bryant, Mike Delange, Steve Shireman, Don LaPanne, Jack Shireman, Bob Hill, Joe Kennedy, and Josh Sammons.

Syd Grotier, Brian Wooley, Michael Hitchcock, WM Trevor Harrison, WM Ken Wheeler with Joe Kennedy and Wayne Shireman in the back.

WM Trevor Harrison presents the lantern to WM Ken Wheeler

The Vulcan Lantern and the Vulcan Gavel, photo by Jonathan Wheeler.

George Jeffers presents individual gavels.

Brian Wooley, Trevor & Kim Harrison, Jonathan Wheeler, Syd Grotier, and Teresa & Michael Hitchcock

Dick Wheeler, Teresa Hitchcock, Jonathan Wheeler, Sue Wheeler, and Kim Harrison

Trevor Harrison and Esther Kennedy

Brian Wooley and Bill Wheeler

Larry Lindberg and Vera Wheeler

Teresa Hitchcock and Carla Bryan

Bob Hill and Syd Grotier

Brian on his fourth plate of food.

Trevor gets to drive

Trevor, Kim, and Michael

Teresa on the round-up

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vulcan Traveling Gavel, part II
This is the continuation of the Vulcan Traveling Gavel starting with it's journey to stop #76.
In May 2010; from Walnut, Kansas; the gavel was shipped to England. Due to problems associated with the cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland which closed most of the airports in the UK, the shipment of the gavel from Walnut to England was slowed down.

The first above photo is the Egypt Room Temple at Mark Masons Hall in London and the second is the outside entrance to Mark Masons Hall.
The above photo is the view from Mark Masons Hall. This is St James Palace the home of Prince Charles.
76) May xx Brixton Ramblers # London, England 4,950 miles

The above photos is the Masonic Hall at Dawlish with W. Brother P. Colkin, Provincial Grand Standard Bearer, Province of Devonshire, presenting the gavel to W. Brother Peter Sheldon, WM of Salem Lodge 1443 in Dawlish, Devon.
77) May 17 Salem # 1443 Dawlish, England 160 miles

The above photo is the Mark Provincial Grand Master (13th GM to hold the gavel) Robert Poxon presenting the gavel to WM A. Musson of St. Martin Mark Lodge.
78) May 25 St Martin Mark # 414 Alfreton (Derbyshire), England 235 miles

The above photos are the Masonic Hall in Alfreton.
79) May 28 Vulcan # 4382 Alfreton (Derbyshire), England same bldg
The above photos is the Very Worshipful Richard Beardsley, Past Inspector, Portugal, presenting the gavel to Acting Master E. R. Dakin, at the Lodge of Fellowship #9123 in Duffield, Derbyshire.
80) June 10 Lodge of Fellowship #9123 Duffield, England 12 miles

The above photo is Nolan Howland, Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Oxfordshire presenting the gavel to WM A. Trueman of Witta's Island Lodge #9359 in Witney, Oxfordshire.
81) July 16 Witta's Island # 9359 Witney, (Oxfordshire), England 85 miles

82) Sept 04 Vulcan # 498 Bristow, Iowa 4,515 miles

83) Sept 10 Rising Sun #8 Fort Scott, Kansas 400 miles

The above photo is all of the brethren in attendance during the meeting. Front row: Wayne Shireman, Kirk Hart, Syd Grotier, WM Trevor Harrison, Michael Hitchcock, Brian Wooley, Don Jones, WM Ken Wheeler, Larry Lindburg, George Jeffers, and Don Taylor. Back: Justin Query, Bill Wheeler, Bruce Jeffers, Don Wheeler, Michael Delange, Ryan Wheeler, Dustin Wheeler, Dick Wheeler, Doc Bryant, Mike Delange, Steve Shireman, Don LaPanne, Jack Shireman, Bob Hill, Joe Kennedy, and Josh Sammons

Syd Grotier, Brian Wooley, Michael Hitchcock, WM Trevor Harrison, WM Ken Wheeler with Joe Kennedy and Wayne Shireman in the back

WM Trevor Harrison presents the lantern to WM Ken Wheeler
The Vulcan Lantern and the Vulcan Gavel
84) Sept 11 Vulcan #229 Walnut, Kansas 35 miles (53,692 total miles)

Brethren from Vulcan present the gavel to the brethren of Cedar Lodge.
85) Oct 13 Cedar #103 Chanute, Kansas $100 27 miles

86) Oct 26 Thayer #149 Thayer, Kansas $100 18 miles

WM Anthony Sutton of Harmony #94 being presented the gavel by WM Jim York of Thayer
87) Oct 28 Harmony #94 Neodesha, Kansas 22 miles

Presentation from Neodesha to Benedict on November 1st.
88) Nov 1 Benedict #403 Benedict, Kansas 25 miles

WM Clairan Shinkle of Fredonia being presented the gavel by WM Alan Weiser of Benedict
89) Nov 3 Constellation #95 Fredonia, Kansas 9 miles

90) Nov 8 Carson #132 Elk City, Kansas 21 miles

91) Nov 9 Fortitude #107 Indenpendence, Kansas 16 miles

92) Nov 15 Keystone #102 Coffeyville, Kansas 22 miles

MW Stanley Browning, WM of Keystone Lodge 102 in Coffeyville, Kansas presenting the Vulcan Traveling Gavel to W Shawn Ritter, WM of Caney Lodge 324 in Caney, Kansas. Brother Stan is the 14th Grand Master to hold the gavel.
93) Nov 22 Caney #324 Caney, Kansas 19 miles
William Clark, WM of Edna Lodge 345 in Edna, Kansas being presented the Vulcan Traveling Gavel by WM Shawn Ritter of Caney Lodge 324.
94) Dec 7 Edna #345 Edna, Kansas 34 miles

95) Dec 13 Parsons #117 Parsons, Kansas 25 miles
Fred Rosenberg WM of Parsons #117 presents the Vulcan Traveling Gavel to Larry Lindberg WM of Savonburg #315.
96) Dec 16 Savonburg #315 Savonburg, Kansas 35 miles
97) Dec 23 Marmaton #245 Moran, Kansas xx miles

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Officers and Brethren

Below are the Officers and Brethren of Vulcan Lodge #229. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00. The Lodge is located on Main Street of Walnut, Kansas.

Master: Ken Wheeler
Senior Warden: Michael D. Delange * trustee
Junior Warden: Dale Shireman
Secretary: Don Wheeler *
Treasurer: Dick Wheeler
Senior Deacon: Dustin Wheeler
Junior Deacon: Bill Wheeler * trustee
Senior Steward: Don Jones * trustee
Junior Steward: Bob Taylor *
Tyler: Steve Shireman *#
Chaplain: Kirk Hart *

Bill Augustine *
Bill Bowles #
Lee Roy Church *#
Mark Church
Michael M. Delange
Harlen Green #
Brian Harris
Jon Herod #
Christian Jackson
Dean Kennedy
Fred Kennedy
Joe Kennedy *
Tim Kennedy
Chip More
Kevin Potts
Josh Sammons
Doug Shireman
Jack Shireman #
Wayne Shireman *
Don Taylor #
Ryan Wheeler

* = Past Master
# = 50-year Member

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vulcan Traveling Gavel

The Vulcan Lodge #229 Traveling Gavel was created as part of Vulcan International, which consists of the seven Vulcan Masonic Lodges through out the world. Vulcan Lodge #229 is located in Walnut, Kansas, which is a small farming community located in Crawford County in the southeast corner of the State. We are a family lodge consisting of 32 members of which several are fourth-generation and fifth-generation Masons. Due to the high volume of hedge posts (used for building fences) transported from the area; Walnut has the distinction of being the “Osage Orange Capital of the World” and this gavel was crafted from Osage Orange or “hedge” by Brother George Jefferies of Lotus Lodge, Blue Mound, Kansas

As part of Vulcan International, this gavel has traveled around the globe. It began its journey in October 2006 when it was used at the bi-annual meeting of the four Vulcan Lodges in England.
The “Vulcan Square Centenary” meeting was held at the Grand Temple of Mark Masons Hall in London. Vulcan Lodge #3181 hosted this event with the Metropolitan Grand Master of London in attendance.
From left to right: SD John Gregory, SW Michael Hitchcock, Ray Gregory our oldest member and father of John; WM Frank Stout, Chaplain Colin Seeds, JW Eric Blackwell, and JD Trevor Harrison.
In January 2007 the gavel journeyed from London to Vulcan Lodge #4382 located in Alferton, England where it was used in opening and closing Lodge.

Then in February 2007, the Master and brethren of Alferton traveled to Middlesbourgh, England and presented the gavel to Vulcan Lodge #4510.

In June 2007 it continued its pilgrimage, by being presented to the Master of Vulcan Lodge #5757 located in Blackhill, England. After this stop, it returned to the “colonies”.

In November 2007, at its next pause to rest and refresh, the gavel took part in the annual wild game feed hosted by Vulcan Lodge #74 in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada. John Hart, the Grand Master of Alberta used the gavel to open the festivities with brethren from 19 other Lodges present.

Then on March 4, 2008 the gavel’s search for light continued to Vulcan Lodge #498, in Bristow, Iowa. Brother Wayne Shireman from Vulcan #229 presented the gavel for this meeting where it was used to open and close the lodge.

On March 14, 2008 the gavel then made its shortest journey by traveling from Walnut to Salina, Kansas for the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons in Kansas. The Most Worshipable Jimmie Grassie, Grand Master of Kansas, opened the afternoon session of Grand Lodge with the gavel.

As of April 1, 2008, the Vulcan Traveling Gavel has journeyed over 15,000 miles and been used in seven different Lodges, in three different countries, and by three Grand Masters. It has now found its way into your Lodge. We ask that you assist in spreading the fraternal bonds that this gavel represents by carrying it to another worthy Lodge. We request that the gavel be in your possession no more then ten days, as we would like to present the gavel at Grand Lodge annually and in the course of the year, we would like to see the gavel reach at least 40 Lodges across the area.
If you are unable to assist in this goal, please contact Vulcan Lodge #229 and we will come and pick up the gavel. However, we would request that if unable to carry out this mission that your Lodge make a $100 donation to the Kansas Masonic Cancer Research Foundation (please donate even if you do pass it on). Those Lodges that have donated are marked below ($100).

Date Lodge and Lodge Location the Gavel was Presented To:
1) October 2006 Vulcan # 3181 in London, England

2) January 2007 Vulcan # 4382 in Alfreton, Derbyshire, England

3) February 2007 Vulcan # 4510 in Middlesbrough, England

4) June 2007 Vulcan # 5757 in Blackhill, Durham, England
5) November 2007 Vulcan # 74 in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

6) March 04, 2008 Vulcan # 498 in Bristow, Iowa

7) March 21, 2008 Kansas Grand Lodge at Salina, Kansas
Estimate that 15,000 miles have been traveled after coming back from Grand Lodge to date.

8) April 10, 2008 Erie #76 in Erie, Kansas 10 miles

9) April 15 Altamont # 69 in Altamont, Kansas 29 miles

10) April 17 Chetopa # 73 in Chetopa, Kansas 21 miles
Dale Rowten (Adams) receives from Rod Trimble (Cheptoa)
11) April 24 Adams # 63 in Oswego, Kansas photo 10 miles
Charles Sweeton (Baxter) receives from Dale Rowten (Adams)
12) May 5 Baxter # 71 in Baxter Springs, Kansas 30 miles
Kevin Fauklner (Baxter) presents to Gerald Gilming (Galena)
13) May 7 Galena # 194 in Galena, Kansas 10 miles

14) May 20 Prudence #100 in Columbus, Kansas 19 miles

15) May 26 Black Diamond # 274 in Weir, Kansas 13 miles
Fourth Grand Master holds the Vulcan Traveling Gravel. Don LaPanne (Weir) presents the gavel to Buck Fischer (Arma) with Grand Master Sterling Hornbuckle in the center of the attached photo
16) June 9 Arma # 408 in Arma, Kansas 28 miles
17) June 18 Tyrian #246 in Garden City, Kansas 382 miles

18) August 7 Winfield #110 in Winfield, Kansas $100 252 miles

19) August 10 Masonic Home #450 in Wichita, Kansas 51 miles
Masonic Home presents to North Star
20) August 14 North Star #168 in Wichita, Kansas 3 miles

DDGM Bob Wydra of North Star Lodge #168 presenting the gavel to WM Harry Cox and the brethren of Unity Lodge #273 in Clearwater, Kansas
21) Sept 2 Unity #273 in Clearwater, Kansas 20 miles

Attached is a picture of Clearwater's Unity Lodge #273 presenting the Vulcan Travelling Gavel to Mulvane Lodge #201.First Row left to rightBro. Mark Cox, North Star Lodge #168; Bro. Eric Williams, Mulvane 201 Sr. Deacon; W:. Bro. Todd Humbolt, Mulvane 201 Master; W:. Bro. Harry Cox, Unity 273 Master; W:. Bro. Kenny Williams, Mulvane 201 Past Master; W:. Bro. Carl Van Dorn, Mulvane 201 PM; and W:. Bro. Dave Beck, Unity 273 PM.Second row left to rightBro. Phil Creech, North Star Lodge 168 Sr. Deacon; W:. Bro. Richard Breshears, North Star PM; W:. Bro. Darin Mason, Mulvane 201 Secretary and North Star Jr. Warden; Bro. George Burkholder, Mulvane 201 Tyler; and W:. Bro. Doug Pierce, Mulvane 201 Jr. Warden.Third row left to rightW:. Bro. Don R. Doll, North Star Secretary; W:. Bro. Dave Smith, North Star PM; R:.W:. Richard Williams, Mulvane 201 PM and Area Deputy Grand Master-Area 5; and Fred Kersting, Mulvane 201 PM.Taking the picture is Dale Smith, Unity Lodge Sr. Warden
22) Sept 3 Mulvane # 201 in Mulvane, Kansas 18 miles
Attached is a picture of Mulvane #201 Master Todd Humbolt presenting the gavel to Master Marvin O'Neil and the Brethren of Douglass #151.
23) Sept 11 Douglass #151 in Douglass, Kansas 15 miles

Above is a picture of the Vulcan gavel being presented to Tim McCall W:M: of Derby Lodge #365 on 9/23/08. The gavel was used during the business meeting and also during conferral of the 1st degree to our newly made Brother Ralf Ficken.
24) Sept 23 Derby #365 in Derby, Kansas 22 miles

25) Sept 27 Silverdale Quarry Lodge at Arkansas City, KS 64 miles (16,027 miles)

26) Oct 6 Oxford #165 in Oxford, Kansas 25 miles
The above picture is Robert Barnett, Master of Oxford Lodge #165, handing the gavel off to Dale Morrow, Master of Belle Plaine Lodge #173.
27) Oct 22 Belle Plaine # 173 in Belle Plaine, Kansas $100 14 miles
The above picture is Dale Morrow, Master of Belle Plaine Lodge #173 handing the gavel off to Chris Hahn, Senior Warden of Haysville Lodge #112.
28) Nov 10 Haysville # 112 in Haysville, Kansas 16 miles

29) Nov 11 Sunflower # 86 in Wichita, Kansas 13 miles

30) Nov 19 Community Daylight #453 in Wichita, Kansas (meets in same building)

The above picture is the gavel being presented to by Worshipful Master Ross B. Smith (center) of Community Daylight Lodge #453 to Past Master Glenn Holmes (left) and current Master Bryan Byers (right) of Bestor G. Brown Lodge #433 in Wichita, Kansas.
31) Nov 20 Bestor G. Brown # 433 in Wichita, Kansas 5 miles (16,100 total miles)

The above picture is the gavel being presented to by Worshipful Master Bryan Byers of Bestor G. Brown #433 to Warren Farr, Worshipful Master of Fidelity #106 of Eureka, Kansas
32) Feb 3 Fidelity # 106 in Eureka, Kansas 62 miles
The above picture is the gavel being presented to Worshipful Master Robert Keller of Greenwood Lodge #163 by James Watson, Senior Warden of Fidelity Lodge #106
33) Feb 4 Greenwood #163 in Fall River, Kansas 35 miles

The above picture is the gavel being presented to Senior Warden Kris Brown (Acting Master) of Climax Lodge #411 by Robert Keller, Master of Greenwood #163.
34) Feb 10 Climax #411 in Climax, Kansas 19 miles

The above picture is the gavel being presented to Master Derek Cookson of Hope #155 by Rick Stout, Master of Climax #411.
35) Feb 17 Hope #155 in Howard, Kansas 20 miles

The above pictures is the gavel being presented to Master Lawrence Eaton of Madison #196 by Derek Cookson of Hope #155 at the Annual District #24 meeting held at Climax.
36) Feb 28 Madison #196 in Madison, Kansas 51 miles
The above picture is the gavel being presented to Master Bruce Smith of Woodson #121 by Kenneth Thomas Secretary of Madison #196.
37) March 2 Woodson #121 in Toronto, Kansas 37 miles
The above picture is the gavel being presented by Master Bruce Smith of Woodson #121 to Master Ron Venus of Gilead #144.
38) March 4 Gilead #144 in Yates Center, Kansas 16 miles

The above picture is the gavel being presented to Master George Cop of Melvern #22 by Master Ron Venus of Gilead #144. This presentation was made at Yates Center.
39) March 4 Melvern #22 in Melvern, Kansas 48 miles

The above picture is the gavel being presented by Master George Cop of Melvern #22 to Master Tim Decker, SD Bobby Burgett, JW Roy Lankton, SW Loren Bartlett, Bill Freeman, and Sec Don Meats of Neosho #27 at Leroy, Kansas.
40) March 18 Neosho #27 in Leroy, Kansas 40 miles

WM Ken Wheeler of Vulcan #229 and WM Tim Decker of Neosho #27 presenting the gavel to 2008/2009 Grand Master Sterling Hornbuckle at Grand Lodge in Salina
WM Tim Decker of Neosho #27 and 2009/2010 Grand Master Roy Sullivan (the fifth Grand Master to hold the gavel) at Grand Lodge.
41) March 20 Kansas Grand Lodge at Salina, Kansas 342 miles (16,754 miles round trip back to Leroy)

42) March 24 Hebron #314 in Gridley, Kansas 15 miles

43) March 25 Burlington #66 in Burlington, Kansas 15 miles 16,784 total miles

Above photo is Jason Tackett, standing in for their WM who is working in Greensburg, from Burlington Lodge presenting it to Euclid Lodge # 10. L to R, floor level- Russell Swanson PM, Nick Hernandez, Lester Arb PM, Jason Tackett (Burlington Lodge), Barney Buchanan PM, Jack Bowen Sr. (in wheel chair) and Carl Manning PM. 2nd level- Jeff Clark, RW Delton Gilliland PM, Terry Osborn PM, Rick Antisdel WM, Dave Benson Sec, Steve Haller. Back row- Al Creekmore, RW Frank Nettleton PM, Casey VendeVelde, Jack Bowen Jr.
Above photo is PGM Larry Mersberg and WM Rick Antisdel of Euclid Lodge. Larry is the sixth Grand Master to have held the gavel.
44) April 13 Euclid # 101 in Lyndon, Kansas 30 miles

Above photo is Frank Nettleton PM Euclid # 101; Rick Antisdel WM Euclid #101; John Leach WM McKinley #41; and Delton Gilliland PM Euclid #101 presenting the gavel while helping with some degree work at McKinley Lodge #41.
45) April 15 McKinley# 41 in Pomana, Kansas 16 miles

46) April 18 Warden’s Workshop at Emporia, Kansas 53 miles

Above is the presentation of gavel to Lebo #152. From left to right: Rick Antisdel WM Lyndon leaning over; (the rest are Lebo) Trent Jones; Larry Owens SD; Russ Heckathorn, Tyler; Steve Zumbrunn Sec; John Torrence JW; Steven Rohde SW; Ely Wells JD; and seated is Martin Jones WM.
47) April 20 Lebo #152 in Lebo, Kansas 19 miles 16,902 total miles
Above photo is Gavel at Melvern Lodge #22 where is was used for a 2nd Degree. The gavel is being held by Delton Gilliland who acted as Master at Melvern for the degree work. Delton is a member of Euclid #101 (PM of 101, along with 33 degree Scottish Rite) but he is also the WM at Overbrook, Ridgeway Lodge# 62.
48) April 25 Melvern #22 in Melvern, Kansas 17 miles

The above is the gavel being used for a 3rd Degree at Euclid #101 (Lyndon, Kansas) on April 27th. Terry Osborn (3 times Past Master at Euclid) is shown with DDGM Paul McGuire who is a personal friend of the Brother that was raised.
49) April 27 Euclid # 101 in Lyndon, Kansas 10 miles

Thru the work of Brothers Rick Antisdel of Lyndon, Kansas and Bob Morcomb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia the gavel was sent to travel the Lodges of Australia for three months. Vulcan #229 would like to greatly thank them for this.

The photo (not here yet) above is to the Most Eminent Companion Laurie Paterson. For those who are not members of The High Royal Arch Chapter, Most Eminent Companion is the leader of Grand Chapter in Victoria as the Grand Master is the leader of the Craft in Victoria. (As such we consider this the seventh Grand Master to hold the Gavel.)
50) May 5 Greensborough High Royal Arch in Victoria,Australia 9,520 miles

The above photo is the outgoing Master, Very Worshipful Russell Lightfoot (Past Grand Inspector of Workings) and his son Worshipful Adam Lightfoot of Gordon Lodge No. 99 located in Moonee Ponds, Victoria.
The above photo is the Moonee Ponds Lodge Hall. During the Second World War the Lodge rooms were the temporary home to a number a US Servicemen billeted there for the duration. After the war the US Servicemen showed their appreciation by presenting the Lodge with a new carpeted pavement which was placed in the centre of the Lodge. It remains one of the largest pavements still in use today. The carpet is regularly used and meticulously maintained with the result that it looks as good today as it was the day it was presented.
51) May 14 Gordon #99 in Moonee Ponds, Victoria 51 miles 26,500 total miles

The photo above is Deputy Grand Master of Victoria Vaughan Werner; Pete Henry, Master of the Diamond Valley Lodge No. 252; and Barry Reaper Past Grand Senior Warden, Grand Secretary of Victoria
52) May 15 Diamond Valley #252 in Diamond Valley, Victoria xx miles

The photo above is the Master of Plenty Valley #703 with the gavel.
53) May 23 Plenty Valley #703 in Ivanhoe, Victoria, xx miles

Pictured above is WM John Blythe of the Ivanhoe Mark Master Masons Lodge No. 58

The above photo is the eighth Grand Master to hold the Traveling Gavel, the Grand Master of Mark Master Masons of Victoria Australia, Most Worshipful Brother Kerry P. Grills.
54) June 1 Ivanhoe Mark #58 in Darebin, Victoria 55 miles
The above photo is the Master of Samaritan Lodge #380, Eddie Woods. The Samaritan Lodge is a day light lodge which tiles at 09:30 am and has a large membership of older masons who have reached that point where they prefer to drive to lodge during the day rather than at night. There are a couple of whisky bottles in the picture. By tradition in Victorian lodges, the Master supplies the whisky from his own pocket at every meeting.
Above photo of the ‘South’ where we take a meal and refreshments, included in the south are a number of official toasts such as the toast to the Queen and to the Craft, the toast to our visitors, toast to the new Master and finally the Tylers toast to absent Brethren. One of the highlights in the south is what we call ‘the Masonic swindle’ (raffle) where the visitors immediately accuse the raffle organisers of not including their tickets (even though the draw hasn’t yet occurred). As the raffle prizes are won there is a lot of commotion in keeping account of how many visitors end up winning (all good natured of course). The prizes are not that expensive and usually find their way to the next lodges raffle next month anyway but we all buy the tickets as the money is used to offset the costs of the meal etc.
55) June 18 Samaritan # 380 in Melbourne, Victoria 62 miles

The above photo is the gavel presented to Grand Master Garry Sebo (ninth Grand Master to hold the gavel) and the Grand Lodge Officers of the Grand Lodge of Victoria. The presentation was made when the Grand Master and the Grand Team were visiting the Athenaeum Lodge which before they changed their name in 2002 was the Melbourne University Lodge and consisted of ex-students. The Melbourne University is one of the top Universities in Australia which has, as you would expect, a strong alumni so it is no surprise that a Freemasons Lodge was also part of that community.
56) June 22 Athenaeum # in Melbourne, Victoria 98 miles.
The above photo is from The Star of the North Lodge #401 in Mackay, Queensland, Australia on August 1, 2009. We were honored to have the Vulcan gavel used during the installation of Glen Britton into the chair of King Solomon at Star of the North. In attendance was the Assistant Grand Master of Queensland, RW Brother Goding and Glen's father Brother Pat Britton who flew in for this special occasion from England. Brother Pat is a member of Vulcan Lodge #4382 of Alfreton, Derbyshire, England and he was on hand in 2007 when the gavel journeyed to his Lodge. The Junior Warden of Star of the North is Michael Britton, Pat's nephew. This photo is Pat, Glen, and Michael.
The above photo is AGM RW Goding and his entourage.
he above is MW Britton and the members of Star of the North #401.
57) Aug 1 Star of the North Lodge#401 in MacKay, Queensland Australia 1,440 miles

The above photos are from Honolulu Lodge. Hawaii Jurisdiction doesn't use Lodge numbers as they only have 11 lodges. First photo is Monty J. Glover, SGW and Secretary of Honolulu Lodge F&AM on the right presenting the Gavel to Worshipful Master Garry Graham of Honolulu Lodge. In the two photos is Brother Graham and Mark Worsham who was given his First Degree and to his left is the DGM of GLPH in Hawaii. They were visiting.
58) Aug 18 Honolulu Lodge in Honolulu, Hawaii 5,349 miles (33,504 total miles)

In the front row: MW Marty Alexander , Grand Master (tenth Grand Master); Wor. Stewart Enger, Lodge Maui Master; MW Walter Hager, Past Grand Master-2004 (eleventh Grand Master); Bro. Andrew Weightman, Marshal. In the back row: Wor. Vince Gusman, Past Master; and Bro. James Fells, Sr. Steward. The photographer was Bro. Loren Holmberg, Senior Deacon

59) Aug 20 Maui Lodge in Kahuli, Maui, Hawaii 150 miles

Photos abov are of the Grand Master’s Caribbean Cruise aboard the S. S. Carnival Destiny. Grand Lodge session was opened in grand form while in international waters utilizing the traveling gavel. Kansas Grand Master Roy T. Sullivan is in the center holding the gavel.

60) Aug 28 Kansas Grand Master’s Cruise of the Caribbean. At this time with the gavel returning to Topeka from the cruise, estimate that the gavel has traveled 42,600 miles.
The above photo is Brothers Gilbert Farmer, Scott Francis and Floyd Eggleston with Master Tim Decker of Neosho #27. In back ground is George Jeffers and GJW Don Newman.
The above photo is GSD Rick Reichert, George Jeffers, GM Roy Sullivan, and another Grand Lodge Officer with the gavel at the Neosho Lodge 150th Anniversary.
61) Sept 19 Neosho #27 Leroy, Kansas 77 miles

62) Sept 27 Mound City #33 Mound City, Kansas 50 miles

63) Oct 1 Parker #341 Parker, Kansas 27 miles

64) Oct 5 Kincaid #338 Kincaid, Kansas 27 miles
65) Oct Delphian #44 Garnett, Kansas 19 miles

66) Nov Xenia #47 Xenia, Kansas 34 miles
Photo above was taken at Hiattville Lodge. Pictured is (front) Charles Gift, Mitch Welch, WM Don Wheeler, DDGM Dale Griffiths. On back are Dean Mitchell, Jim Henning, Mike Mason, Steve Mason, Jerald Mitchell, and Mike Delange.
67) Jan 26, 2010 Hiattville #216 Hiattville, Kansas 32 miles (42,860)

68) Feb 3 Bourbon #268 Bronson, Kansas 23 miles

69) Feb 11 Devon #92 Devon, Kansas 24 miles

70) Feb 20 Memphis #108 Garland, Kansas 24 miles

71) March 1 Rising Sun #8 Fort Scott, Kansas 12 miles

72) March 3 Girard #93 Girard, Kansas 31 miles

73 March 8 Pittsburg #187 Pittsburg, Kansas 15 miles

The above photo is WM Darrell Orender of Pittsburg Lodge #187 presenting the gavel to Grand Master L. Kent Needham (#12) at Kansas Grand Lodge in Topeka, Kansas with Mike & Michael Delange of Vulcan #229
74 March 19 Grand Lodge of Kansas @ Topeka, Kansas 174 miles
The above photo is: Front Row; Don Wheeler, Mike Delange, Josh Sammons (raised on the 3rd Degree that evening), Dale Shireman, Don Jones, and Bill Wheeler. Back Row: Dustin Wheeler, Ken Wheeler, Dick Wheeler, and three brethren from Butler, MO.
75 March 27 Vulcan #229 Walnut, Kansas 134 miles (43,300)

Note - For the Travel of the Gavel from here on see Traveling Gavel II